TRIEGER--Dr. Norman, DMD MD, was born to Isadore and Sadie Trieger, of the Bronx, NY, on March 3, 1929. He died following a brief coma on October 13, 2012. Norman is survived by an older brother, Seymour, of Eugene, Oregon, and Simon and Barrie Jacob of West Orange, New Jersey, Michael and Rebecca of Springfield, Illinois, Joel, of Mamaroneck, NY and Eva of San Diego, California. He also leaves 13 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren. His wife, Terri Trieger, preceded him in death in 2009.A graduate of Emory and Harvard Universities, Dr. Trieger enjoyed an illustrious career, first as a dentist at Massachusetts General, and later earned his medical degree at Albert Einstein becoming an oral surgeon, with a specialty in Anaesthesiology. In addition to being a talented clinician, he authored books on Anaesthesiology and many articles on dentistry, and was Past Editor of the Dental Journal on Anaesthesiology. Dr. Trieger was Chairman of Dentistry at UCLA, before he returned to New York where he Jointly became Chairman of Dentistry at Albert Einstein Medical School and Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx. Dr. Trieger enjoyed worldwide travel with his wife, in conjunction with his teaching. His contributions to the field of medicine will serve as a springboard for many further advances. He celebrated his last day attending Emory's Apology Event acknowledging an anti-Semitic bias in their Dental School.

Published in The New York Times on Oct. 28, 2012