David F. Bennett

David F. Bennett, 59, of Goshen, son of Joy Post
and Walter V. Bennett, passed away on March 15,
2013, at the Mayo Clinic, while being treated for
respiratory problems.

David was deeply connected to the Oldham
County Community: a retired volunteer fireman of
more than 30 years, a hay farmer, and a master cattleman
raising black Angus cattle. He was interested
in maintaining land for hunting and worked hard to
promote wildlife protection and trail building. He
was a great horseman, trainer and fox hunter. David
was always ready to drop everything in order to help
his friends, neighbors and family with his winning
smile and sense of humor. As a retirement specialist,
David served with Alexander Investment Services for
over 20 years.

He is survived by his children, Hamilton Barlow
Bennett and Baylor Alexander Bennett, both of
Somerville, Mass.; his sisters, Gay Stoltz, Julester
Bennett and Grace Bennett, and his brother Stuart.
Published in The Oldham Era on Apr. 11, 2013