Sarah Marie Newton

PRECIOUS MEMORIES SARAH MARIE NEWTON 4/19/1935-1/25/2013 My mother was the one soul who would unselfishly give anything. I grew older and now I have my own family, but unfortunately we grew further apart. Whether it was time, distance, sickness, or work; the older I got the less I saw mom. Something happened that last day I saw her sleeping at the hospital. Vivid images appeared in my eyes. I clearly saw the toddler eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich as Mom was ironing and watching General Hospital. I clearly saw the little boy playing school, and catch with mom; and there was the young boy being encouraged to draw his cars and airplanes; and then the teen watching his mom's face as she entered the garage just in time for a very loud crescendo from his rock band. I saw my mom's face when I became a Marine; I saw the young man getting his mom's care package of warm socks. She just knew. I saw her face when she saw my newborn sons; I saw their excited faces when they knew Grandma and Grandpa were coming, from toddlers to teens. We miss and love you mom, but you left us with unforgettable memories. Your son Robert Newton

Published in Press-Enterprise on Feb. 22, 2013