Amy Lynn Whitmore

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From the moment Carol knew she was pregnant, the mantra in the Whitmore house was, “Please be a girl.” With two sons, Brian and Jeffrey, already running roughshod all over the house, the need for balance with a petite angel was necessary. Our prayers were answered in spades when a beautiful little blue-eyed blond named Amy was born. Amy immediately became the most precious jewel in the family.

At an early age, Amy showed a love and a talent for dancing – be it jazz, tap or modern. For about ten years, starting at an early age, Amy attended dance school and performed at the annual recital every year.

Amy gravitated from dance toward cheerleading, where – as an eighth grader – she was selected to the Archbishop Ryan High School Varsity Cheerleading Squad for the following year. In her senior year at Ryan, she was selected co-captain along with her close friend, Colleen. After they graduated, their devotion and dedication to the team continued, when they took over the duties of coaching and choreography. Amy always referred to the team as “my girls.”

Amy was the kind of person who lit up the room the moment she walked in. With sparkling eyes and a beaming smile, her beauty went well beyond the obvious. Children gravitated toward her and she was a young lady everyone wanted to be around. Amy’s sense of humor was one of more defining characteristics; along with her loyalty to her family and her friends, many of whom considered her part of their own family. About a month before Amy’s sudden death, Colleen told Amy she was pregnant. Afterward, Amy acted just like an expectant father. Later that summer, Colleen gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Amylynn.

Amy was born on May 15, 1981, the youngest of Carol and Robert Whitmore’s three children. Amy was only 20 years old at the time of her death. She is survived by her parents and her two brothers; two sets of grandparents, William and Lorraine Whitmore and Anthony and Ethel Zito; many aunts and uncles; many, many cousins; and friends too numerous to count – all of whom continue to celebrate Amy’s life and mourn their loss through their writings to Legacy and through a scholarship fund in Amy’s name.

Published on Philly.com on Feb. 7, 2002
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