Laureen M. "Laurie" (DeSantis) Beauchaine

Laurie Beauchaine, 35; devoted mom and proud wife

Laureen M. (DeSantis) Beauchaine's greatest love was her three children. From trips to the beach to rollerskating outings, nothing was too good for her kids.

She even bought them a Chihuahua, named Cocoa.

And they loved her. That's why it breaks her brother-in-law's heart when he sees his niece, 5-year-old Ashley, hold up a picture of her mom.

"The little one keeps asking about her mom," Dwayne Beauchaine, of West Warwick, says.

Born in Providence, Laurie had lived in Cranston briefly and moved to West Warwick 25 years ago. She and Ray F. Beauchaine Jr. used to hang out at parties together as teenagers. They married about 15 years ago and had three children -- Christopher R., 15, Ray F. III, 7, and Ashley N., 5.

"She was very family-oriented," said Julia Silcaggio, her sister-in-law. "She was a great mother and proud of her marriage. She always told everyone how long they had been together."

Laurie, 35, would pick up Dwayne and Julia's daughter, along with her three children, and head to the beach for picnics every day in the summer. She always made sure the children were happy, Julia said.

Laurie used to deliver The Providence Journal in the morning, so she could be home with her children during the day. She had also worked as a jewelry setter for Gianni Manufacturing, in Providence, for seven years.

Laurie and Ray both loved '80s rock and often went to The Station. Ray was critically injured in the fire.

-- Megan Matteucci, Providence Journal staff

Published in The Providence Journal on Mar. 20, 2003