Chunmei Tao Hoe(1968 - 2013)

Chunmei, a lovely young Chinese lady passed on to her Lord peacefully from complications due to breast cancer. Chunmei (Sue) married Dr. Robert (Bob) Hoe in La Jolla, CA, and moved to La Jolla to make her residence here in 2007. Chunmei was an English teacher and a tour guide in Hunan and Fujien Provinces where she developed close relations with her students and classmates as well as the many tourists that she guided through their travels in southern China.
In 2004 Robert Hoe, accompanied by his daughter, Rebecca, made a trip to China to find out if they could travel readily throughout China. Bob planned to revisit the places where he had been stationed in China with the US Navy in World War II. He and his daughter broke off from the regular tour on the Yangtzee River and flew to Xiamen, Fujien Province, where Bob was serving when the war ended. They were met at the airport by their guide, a young Chinese lady, Chunmei Tao. A bond was fashioned between the young Chinese lady and the American Navy Veteran that resulted in Chunmei acting as guide to Bob and Rebecca when they returned to China for the long planned tour of the WWII stations.
Chunmei was convinced that she would visit America. When asked about her strong interest in America, she replied that she believed in the American principles of "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." Throughout the tour the bond was strengthened and by the end of the tour Chunmei had agreed to marriage and to live in America. Here in America Sue has joined the Chinese American Living Water Bible Church, and has received very strong support from her church "Sisters" during her illness.
Chunmei is survived by her mother, two brothers and two sisters, Dong Yi, and Xiao Dong, and four nieces and nephews. Chunmei has been cared for during the last few months by her close friend and former students, Luo Hui, who traveled to America from Shanghai, China, to be with Chunmei.
Published in La Jolla Light on Apr. 25, 2013