Greg Jenkins (1961 - 2018)

  • "I took notice of the billboard on 99th on my regular trip..."
  • "So sorry for your loss."
    - Don Jones

This is not an obituary in the normal sense. That has already been published in August in this paper.

This is a notice with three objectives. First to explain the highway billboards around town which many of you may have seen and wondered about. One on West Eleventh Street opposite of and close to Fred Meyers. The second one is on Highway 99 just south of the Arc Bingo Parlor (photo). Both billboards were donated by Meadow Outdoor Advertising, to honor Greg for his close association with that company. Greg was an independent sign hanger for many years. It was in the performance of these duties, that took his life, as he fell 75 feet from the top side of a billboard structure he was working on at Grand Ronde.

The second reason for this listing, is to thank the many people from the area and around the state for attending his farewell wake held in the home of his family. There were in excess of sixty folks that showed up to honor Greg. I proudly add, that two ex-mayors of Eugene were in attendance. I am also proud of the owners of Meadow for being there. I am extremely proud of the many friends and relatives who came.

You may wonder just who was this guy. He was my oldest son. He was not merely an ordinary blue-collar kick-around type of guy. Yes, he worked with his hands and got himself pretty grimy at times. But I say, he was not ordinary. He was a person that took on many tasks and many, many close friends. It was difficult for any friend not to be a close friend. Greg was a consummate communicator. He kept in contact with all that were in his circle. He was sometimes a bit loud and was most often the center of attention. In a word, he was something of a dynamo. His many friends were akin to family. I am sure they all miss him dearly. As for the nuclear family, I will not attempt to put in words the unthinkable dread.

The third and final reason for this notice is to pay a last public tribute to my dear beloved son. I am in my very late seventies and will bear the loss until my end. My wife and other two sons, my grandson, and Greg's surviving daughter will also carry this burden. We will never forget him and the impact he made on all of us. Amen.

Don Jenkins and family

Published in Eugene Register-Guard on Oct. 28, 2018