Ricky Woodring

Ricky Woodring

February 1, 1981

November 16, 1998

Last year we received a wonderful e-mail from a friend of Ricky's youth and wanted to share some of it with everyone. Once again, we see how Ricky's short life touched so many lives.

Carlo Salerno was Ricky's childhood friend while we lived in Southern California. Up until we moved to Northern Nevada when Ricky turned 13, they enjoyed many good times together with school, church and baseball activities.

Carlo wrote the following:

Hello Vickie, I'm getting married in January and can't help but smile knowing that if Ricky were here, he would be so happy for me and I know that we would be planning one heck of a bachelor party.

Some of my best memories growing up were playing baseball with Ricky and having Ron pitch batting practice to our team using his world famous "snot ball" to keep all of us laughing. Whether we were practicing baseball, pitching batting practice to each other at Rossmoor School, jamming to "Boston" in his room with the volume loud enough to drive any mom crazy, or playing video games at the bowling alley, I can't think of one time where Ricky wasn't smiling. It was infectious. Even today when I think of him or tell a story about him, I can't help but smile as my fiancé' laughs at stories of our goofy antics. I found your site just out of curiosity. With all the big things happening in my life-life changing things-I have been thinking about him lately and how much I truly miss him and wish he was able to be with me on my special day.

I know Ricky would be so proud to know that his legacy continues to spread that infectious smile to others through the Ricky Woodring Memorial Fund.

I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that I have been thinking about your family and praying for you for years. Please know that not a day goes by where I don't think about Ricky and I know he's smiling down from Heaven on all of his loved ones and his smile brightens the day.

Please say hello to Ron and Katie and know that Ricky's life has affected me in so many ways that I can't even count them. I have a city baseball game in the morning and I know Ricky would want me to get rest so I could play well. Now I can go to bed happy. God bless you. Carlo Salerno

Published in Reno Gazette-Journal on Nov. 17, 2013