Daniel Kooyman

Daniel Ryan Kooyman
Oct. 2, 1983 - June 1, 2013
In Loving memory of Daniel Ryan Kooyman; October 2, 1983 - June 1, 2013, a son, brother, father, and husband like figure. Daniel is survived by his parents Henry Steve Kooyman and Suzette Helaine Kooyman, his sister Michelle Fawn Still, and his half brother and sisters Steven Henry Anderson, Wendy Jean (Kooyman) Taylor, and Cindy Marie (Kooyman) Palmer, his children Ryan Henry Kooyman and Mackayla Rose Kooyman, and his girlfriend Tina Trombley.
Daniel was like many souls who have been torn by the challenges of life which has led to taking their own lives. Just prior to his passing, he went into a state of silence giving no indication that anything was wrong to those around him. Because of this he was constantly reassuring them that everything was fine and not to worry about it. Sometimes this can be the most dangerous because they feel as though they have to bear the weight of the world upon themselves and not burden others. This then leads to an overwhelming sense of loneliness.
Daniel was very intelligent and always striving to learn more about life, relationships, sciences, and had a respect and awe of nature and its wild life. He enjoyed hunting, fishing, and definitely camping, hence his love for the Utah and Montana mountains. This love gave him a cheery attitude. Daniel chose the route of a GED because the class pace of the traditional schools bored him. He went on to Salt Lake Community College and most recently Blackfeet Community College. He had the potential of becoming anything that he chose.
Why he passed, no one but he will truly know. Daniel had an unsung song within him of a greatness that needed to be shared, even through its non-traditional means. We will have a gentleman by the name of Edward V. Aguilar out of Flagstaff, AZ coming to speak at Daniel's memorial. He has dealt with suicides for over 23 years and understands its affects are so much deeper than that of a clinical level. Pain felt by the victim of such a tragedy ripples through more than just the immediate family. Edward is launching a non-profit organization to take a PROACTIVE APPROACH to suicide in attempt to reduce the number of the tragedies and rippling effects this action causes. His 13 year old daughter and her friend had built a phone app for a school project to give inspirational quotes, hot-lines to professionals when they need it most and more. His passion for life has carried over to his children. Sometimes it's easier to get through to others through a third party than it is directly.
Come celebrate Daniel's short-time with us as we help him to release his unsung song to the world, perhaps helping to save even one life. Utah's governor Gary Herbert has recognized this epidemic that needs a solution. We would like to help Edward help others learn more at http://eddieaguilar.com/
Services are being held in Cutbank, MT June 6, 2013 and UT June 8, 2013. Saturday, June 8, 2013 we will be at Larkin Sunset Gardens, 10600 S and 1950 E in Sandy, UT. Mingle 8:30 to 9:00 A.M. Any public comments from 9:00 to 9:30 A.M. Followed by a memorial 9:30 up to 10:45 A.M.

Published in Salt Lake Tribune on June 6, 2013