RUBIN, JOSEPH Mr. Joseph Rubin of Encinitas, CA, died at home on December 16, 2012, surrounded by his loving family. He leaves behind his wife of 70 years, Marie Rubin, his daughter Joan Rubin of Del Mar, and his daughter Nancy Matloff as well as his son-in-law Dr. Jeffrey Matloff of Carlsbad. Joseph's long life spanned nearly a century of time. He was born in New York City to parents who had emigrated from Prague. He was brought up on a dairy farm in Coltown, a small rural village in western Massachusetts. From a young age, he was taught the value of hard work and often accompanied his father delivering cans of milk to residents in Boston in the early hours of every weekend. He attended class in a one-room school house. He learned to speak English at the age of 7 as Czech was the "prima lingua" of his household. In spite of the relative limitations of his upbringing, he was an excellent student and a baseball standout who earned a scholarship to attend college. He declined this path to enlist in the U.S. Navy and see the world during the Depression in the years prior to WWII. Years later, he would recount that he joined this service because: "I liked the uniform". Joe's commitment to this country and his service, however, was far greater than his dry, self-deprecating humor. He survived combat onboard destroyers in WWII in both theatres of action where he was exposed to the loss of a number of comrades during some of these operations. He also served in the Korean conflict. He later had the opportunity to see all seven continents of the world. Upon his retirement from the Navy, he settled in the San Francisco Bay area and worked for the U.S. Postal Service. He subsequently transferred to Escondido, CA, where he continued to work until his retirement in 1980. During his years at the USPS, Joe was known to ride his bicycle to work 20 miles everyday whether in rain, storm, or sunshine. As an avid endurance athlete and fitness buff, he continued his tradition of physical activity and healthy living in retirement by peddling to Palomar College where he took classes and became fluent in Spanish. He also continued to be actively engaged in playing golf at Miramar and Admiral Baker Field, poker, as well as learning and embracing all aspects of life. He enjoyed gardening, reading all kinds of literature, and mechanics. He continued to do his own automobile repairs well into his 80s. He had many friends and was frequently sought after for his fund of general knowledge and good folk wisdom. Joe's greatest passion and love were reserved for his family. He was devoted to his wife and daughters and was intensely committed to them. He was especially proud of his daughter's academic and professional achievements. His love and enduring concern for his family will always be treasured even in his absence. Interment will take place at Miramar National Cemetery on Thursday, January 10, at 1 p.m.

Published in The San Diego Union Tribune on Jan. 6, 2013