Anthony Lujan-Ortega

Happy 1st Birthday! Anthony Lujan-Ortega 10/9/12 - 05/04/13 The infant days are past, and baby boys must grow. They learn to sit, and then to stand, too soon they all let go. But do they grow in Heaven Lord? If only I could see past the sun... For if they do my little boy today is turning one. In my heart I see him there, playing on a cloud. With his little Angel friends, together they are proud! Angel cake & white ice-cream is served for all around... As he sits upon Jesus' lap, with all his love abound. They laugh and run, dance and play amongst a billowy field. Together there they hurt no more... their little hearts are healed. The tubes and wires, tapes & blisters, they're no longer there. No more poking, no more prodding, winds of love blow through his hair. From infant to this little boy, how fast the time went by. Some days it seemed the world stood still, at times it seemed to fly. Today as one year has passed, alone we'll spend in thought. We'll celebrate a life that was, and share what all he's taught. The bond that links us with this child, too strong to ever sway. In our hearts & in our dreams, he's never far away... We love and miss you very much! Love, Mommy, Daddy, Sister and Family
Published in Santa Fe New Mexican on Jan. 1, 1900