ARTHUR A. SENA 5 Year Anniversary January 12, 2008 Arthur, Dad, "Pa", every single day each of us thinks of you, misses you and talks to you. It is unbelievable to us that you have been gone from the house, the dinner table, our lives for 5 years. Seems like just yesterday we were gathered to share the events of the day, a good meal, a good laugh and simply time together. We know that you are watching over each of us, and helping us do our best with our daily responsibilities and commitments and "taking care of business". We hold strong to the values and convictions that you instilled us, and are better people for the love you shared with us every day of our lives. We will celebrate your Anniversary, of going to Heaven, this Sunday at Noon at our beloved Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish. We will be surrounded by family and friends who miss you as much as we all do. We will pray you continue to watch over all of us, and give each of us the strength and energy to meet the challenges of each day. Until we are together again, we love you. Margaret Mae, Kathleen, Frank, Martin, your 5 grandchildren and your 5 great grandchildren.