In Memoriam CLAYTON HOLZINGER January 1, 1985- March 22, 2013 "Aequitas y Veritas" Today we celebrate the day of freedom for you. Freedom from the ties of Cystic Fibrosis and of Cerebral Palsy. It is a celebration of the uniquely incredible individual that you were. You were our teacher and mentor. You taught us how each day was a gift to be used and enjoyed to its fullest. You taught us how to dream and to "make a wish" come true. In your life there was no whining or giving up, because you defined your own life, a rebel with a cause. You never allowed yourself to feel powerless; and you taught the rest of us that we too can find our own power. It took courage to live your life, to not give in to all the things you were told you could not do, but to follow your own truth and to set an example for all who knew you. Your gift to us was the brightly burning light within you. We miss you and we know you are flying free. Mom and all of your friends
Published in Santa Fe New Mexican on Mar. 22, 2014