Olga Reoutt
10,000 dishes washed, hundreds of miles of floors swept, countless diapers changed, and upteen hours on the road shuttling grandchildren to everything from daycare to school, soccer to dental appointments-these are a small fraction of tasks "Baba" did for us. Olga Reoutt was our Grandmother Hero. She was the third leg upon which our family relied to steady us on our way through life, and we could not have managed without her.
Olga Reoutt (née Koohtin) died on October 13, 2012 of lung cancer. She was born in 1939 in Tientsin, China. At 6 months her family moved to Hawaii in time for Pearl Harbor. At three, she came to San Francisco, where she lived the rest of her life.
True to her time, when she married she dropped out of college after 3.5 years and worked at various "pink ghetto" jobs-receptionist, admin assistant, and customer service representative.
In 1963 she traveled to the Soviet Union with her then husband where she became a guide for the USIA graphic arts exhibit.
She found fulfillment in traveling, gardening, reading, and later indulged in the guilty pleasure of watching Dancing with the Stars. When she was younger, she skied and played tennis.
She is survived by her daughter Kira, son Mark, and four grandchildren.
A party for friends and family will be held to celebrate Olga's life. For more info, email kiwiroot2000@yahoo.com.

Published in San Francisco Chronicle on Nov. 18, 2012