ANN (NEVITT) RANKIN(1929-2013)

Plains girl to mountain woman

Ann was born in Kansas and grew up playing with her seven brothers and sisters on their farm during the depression. On a train ride she met her first love, Pikes Peak, and decided at the age of six that she wanted to be near mountains the rest of her life.

After her father's death, her family moved to Seattle where she attended Broadway High School.

She was an early member of the Mountaineers where she gained access to the mountains and learned to ski.

After graduating, she moved to the beautiful Skagit Valley where a friend introduced her to Glen Rankin, a man with a car who could take her to Mount Baker. She was not sure of the man, but she loved skiing.

She fell in love and married Glen in 1949. On her first visit to Darrington, she told him, "Don't you ever think you'll get me to move up here." Two years later, she moved to town and quickly came to love her adopted community, its wonderful people and the surrounding area, "the most beautiful place in the world."

With Glen, she raised four boys, had adventures, and ran Pugh Ridge Logging. In the '70s, they built a house together that faced Whitehorse Mountain where friends gathered, argued, and laughed.

One of her favorite pastimes was to sit and watch clouds and the snow. Glen passed in 1984. She was passionate about the arts, frequenting the theater, opera and supporting local art shows.

She made friends and welcomed everyone through her doors where you would find yourself stuck sipping spirits and telling stories, discussing politics or laughing with her unique sense of humor.

Ann was committed to her community and served on the Darrington School Board, PTA, Darrington Area Rural Advisory Committee, Snohomish County Tourism Board and the Snohomish County Planning Commission.

She is survived by her beloved moss, clouds, trees, family, friends, flash gatherings, her house, theater, the arts, laughter, memories, the mountains and the Darrington Community. Ann loved flow ers, but cared more for the Darrington Community.

Memorial donations in her name may be sent to the Darrington Memorial Swim Pool Fund at Coastal Community Bank. Friends and family would love to hear of any memories you have of Ann. Please send them to AnnNevittRankin@gmail.com.

A celebration of her life will be held near her birthday, on July 20th in Darrington.

Published in Skagit Valley Herald Publishing Company on Jan. 20, 2013