We lost our laughing, dancing, sweet Paula Ann on May 9, 2014. Paula was born on August 11, 1953 at Fort Lawton, Seattle, Washington. She and her Navy family lived in Washington, California, Tennessee, and Alaska.

Paula loved music and would listen to it for hours, sometimes during the wee hours. Over the years, she opened her home in Mount Vernon she loved so much to her friends, who came to not only understand you could not tame the irrepressible Paula, but you may as well get up and join her with dancing and joy in the middle of the night. Paula would take her friends, and sometimes just herself and her Pomeranian, on long drives so that she could enjoy being out in the day, a part of the world, and listen to her music. She loved attending concerts and had a large collection of CDs she would take with her wherever she went so her music was always available to hear and share with others. She loved going to the Gorge, Bumbershoot, and Seattle with her friends and family to have fun. Paula could have fun anywhere she went and with whomever she was with; she was always laughing.

An amazing cook, never using a recipe, Paula would add whatever crossed her mind to prepare wonderful food she loved sharing with people, often cooking huge pots of homemade soup and then delivering it to those she knew. She also enjoyed gardening, plants and her yard, puttering around with her flowers and herb garden, and enjoying her home.

Paula was a collector of people and never met a person she did not want to become her friend. She always saw the good in people, focusing on their shiny, positive qualities, never the lesser characteristics. Her vast network of friendships included friends she had kept since childhood, high school, and beyond. She continued throughout her life to love people and making lasting friendships with those she met. She was always glad when others experienced good fortune and rejoiced in other people's happiness. Paula's greatest joy was seeing and making other people happy.

Her most amazing gift to this world was her ability to love. Paula loved everyone she knew completely and with abandon. She embodied the true meaning of unconditional love, supporting her friends and family, thinking of them first, and offering any amount of time, conversation, help, whatever they needed to move beyond any hardship. She called those she knew and loved her "Peeps". She loved going on road trips to visit family and friends all around Washington State, to Montana with her husband, family and friends to visit her much-loved parents, and to Missouri to spend time with her family through her husband. Paula shared herself and her joy of life completely with others.

Paula attended and graduated Marysville High School and later moved to Skagit Valley, where she worked and lived the remainder of her life. Paula is survived by her husband, Ryland R. Foster, daughter, April C. Jefferies, two cherished grandchildren, Andrew and Lydia, her parents, Frank A. and Bonnie D. Huber of Saint Ignatius, Montana, her siblings, Frank Jr. (Catherine), Karen, Steve (Karen L.) and Gary, two step-daughters, Jeane and Melissa Foster, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins, as well as many, many friends. The loss of Paula will forever be felt by those blessed enough to know her unique, joyful spirit while she was here with us.

An open house celebration of Paula's life will be held Saturday, May 31, 2014, 1:00 pm-4:00 pm at the Sports Keg outdoor patio in Burlington.

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