James Benjamin JOHNSON(02/01/1923 - 12/12/2013)

JOHNSON, James Benjamin (Age 90) Was born on February 1, 1923 in Clarkston. The first-born child of Ben and Josephine Johnson, his siblings Dorothy, Patty and Bob followed. Jim graduated from Clarkston High School in 1941, and after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, enlisted in the U.S. Army. He served in France and the Philippines, where his ability to fix ANYTHING made him an invaluable resource. After the war, a position with Washington Water Power on the Camas Prairie brought him into contact with Ellen Siverson, a young waitress at a little café in Grangeville, Idaho. Jim and Ellen were married on December 25, 1950, forming a partnership that would define both their lives for the next 63 years. Wanting a space of their own, they bought a quarter section of land in Elk, where they built a home for themselves and the couple's nine children, which remains the Johnson homestead to this day. Jim took a job as an electrician at the Kaiser Aluminum plant in Mead, where he would work for 31 years before retiring in 1984. Jim Johnson was an intelligent, stubborn, fiercely independent man. Yet in addition to this propensity for hard headed single-mindedness, Jim also shared his love of knowledge, his curiosity about how things worked or where a dirt road might lead, and his belief in honesty and the value of hard work with his family. He modeled the behaviors he wanted them to emulate. Jim was a man of deep faith, his closely held love of God evident in every facet of how he lived his life. He was a careful steward of his resources. Jim never replaced anything if he could fix it instead . But his was not a stingy or hard heart; he was generous with everyone around him. His love of knowledge was reflected in his support of his children's and grandchildren's educational goals. He was a quiet man who didn't engage in idle chatter. When he spoke to you, you were wise to listen. But he also saw the humor in life and told delightful, engaging tales about his experiences. Jim is survived by his wife, Ellen; sister, Patty; children, Steve, Nate, Adrienne Rose, Rachel, Sarah, Benny, Molly, Frank, and Theresa; nephews, Dan and Martin; grandchildren, Stuart, Michael, Rhiana, Nathan, Eli, Gwen, Kirk, Isaac, Aidan, B.Jaye, and Brody; and ten great-grandchildren. His church was also his family, where he is also survived by Pastor Walt Campbell and all of the congregants at the New Testament Church in Newport. James Johnson died on December 12, 2013 at Holy Family Hospital. He left this life as he had lived it, gracefully and with dignity. His kind heart finally stopped beating, allowing his soul, lightened with the love of his family and friends, to ascend to be in the presence of God. A Memorial Service will be held at 11:00am, December 18, 2013 at New Testament Church, 92 Woodstock Dr., Newport, Washington. LAUER FUNERAL HOME, Deer Park, Washington

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Published in Spokesman-Review on Dec. 17, 2013