CLAYTON TROY BOSTICK January 17, 1983- February 22, 2009 CELEBRATE: Something we do in times of joy! MOURN: Something we do in times of loss! For five years now, we've tried to establish where our hearts stand on these two emotions. As we miss you, we continue to mourn... as we think of your love, your smile, your inspiring ways... we celebrate. Troy, your life moved many and continues to move us today. Though we miss you and this makes us mourn five years later, we continue to find new and beautiful things to celebrate about you and the incredible life you lived. And as we celebrate- we know that we brighten your heavenly smile and this causes you to celebrate with us. The more that we celebrate the loss we mourn and at some point we wonder whether we ever really had much to mourn at all- for you were and are a giver, an amazing gift from God, to hold and behold in our hearts... until we meet again. We love you and miss you buddy!

Published in on Feb. 22, 2014