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In Memoriam Katherine Leigh Jackson Aug. 8, 1985-Feb. 6, 1997 She came to us as the fulfillment of an elaborate dream the first-born, the pioneer, on whom parental theories would be tested and refined, or discarded and as she grew, she showed us the events that follow waking can exceed in wonder even the most elaborate fantasies of the mind. Katie was joy personified. She effervesced, bubbling over with anticipation wrapped in curiosity; she was possibility seeking opportunity, wrapped in a wondrous cloak of kindness, warmth, cheer and wisdom. Moving always as though propelled by a melody only she heard, Katie sought artistic adventure and intellectual challenge, but she thought always to share the spotlight. We remember her dancing, achieving grace beyond her years; acting, poised, polished and nailing accents like a seasoned, tutored professional; singing, loud and brave, even when the tune eluded her; and returning from the podium for county science fair winners with a trophy more than half her height. No matter the stage, from the family room to the Performing Arts Center, always, she drew us in and took us along. What Katie might have become, what she might have shared, we can never know. This, too, is the stuff of dreams. Twenty-seven years astonishing! after she came to us, a rare, sparkling, copper-haired blessing descending from the Almighty, and more than 15 years since her abrupt, cruel, unnecessary and untimely return to the Creator of All Things, it is only the beginning of enough to say we were duly blessed to have had her while we did. Katie's legacy shapes us still. All the while, love abides. Love is patient and, in the fullness of time, love heals. Even now, Katie knows the glory that attends the communion of saints. If it is parental pride to imagine the celestial communion is improved by her presence, then we are guilty but it is guilt acquired by examining the evidence of her ennobling mortal existence. Such a thought is frigid comfort on this day of days, but better a cold comfort than no comfort at all. Godspeed, Katiebug; even now, your memory enriches us. Mom, Dad, Elizabeth & Christopher

Published in TBO.com on Aug. 8, 2012