Mark Hale

MARK HALE 3/23/53-2/10/13 I will miss my best friend. When I think of my best friend, Mark Hale, many words come to me, hardworking, structured, organized, detailed, precise, tidy, meticulous, and most of all the big ones, family, kind, caring, giving, and most of all loving, morally & ethically. You won't find a better man. There is no rhyme or reason for what just happened here. There will be no blame put onto others or finger pointing at that one or this one. Nor will we blame ourselves. We will tear ourselves apart if we try to analyze. We just need to realize he was a special person to all of us. I will miss those Saturdays as I wrap up my long week of work at 720 Barber St. I can hear the words now "How about a buca & a beer Big Dog!!" I guess he just felt it was time to go see Mom & Dad Hale. We will miss you, Larry Moirano, The Pool Guy

Published in the TC Palm on Feb. 14, 2013