Charles (koz) Kostmerchock

Kostmerchock, Charles Carter (KOZ)

My Father, Charles Carter (KOZ) Kostmerchock passed away and went into the Brilliant Light of God. As his days came to an end he was visiting with his brothers in Arizona, both of whom he had not spent time with in many years.

Dad served in the Army Air Corps, Communications Division. He was later recalled back into the Air Force. When he was discharged he went to work for and retired from WI Bell, now known as AT&T. My Dad would have been 85 years old on Nov. 18th.

He was preceded in death several years earlier by his wife, Joan L. Kostmerchock, his parents, Wilford Walter Kostmerchock and Elizabeth Verionica Carter Kostmerchock, Also preceding him in death were their Three Bichon Frises: Angel, Jackie, & Bandit. Those Dogs meant the world to my Father.

He is survived by his daughter, Robin (Dan) Blythe of Pickett WI; his stepdaughter, Linda (Tim) Zallar, of Sheboygan WI; and his first wife, my mother, Jeanne Clair Kostmerchock of Oshkosh WI. Also surviving him are his two brothers, Dennis Kostmerchock and Robert Kostmerchock, both of Arizona.

My Dad did not want a funeral or even an obituary in the paper. I felt I needed to do this anyway on his behalf as he had many friends and relatives that he cared for dearly. I feel he will be truly missed by many for he was a very kind loving man and Father.

Even though we each may not have understood some of the decisions we made in our life's we knew in our hearts they were the right ones for us, We never questioned each other. We believed in our own decisions faithfully.

The Unconditional Love My Dad and I had for each other will stay with me forever. The wonderful memories I have of the things I did with my Father when I was a little girl cannot be taken away. Things we both enjoyed together were walking our Beagle Peppy down the Railroad Tracks to the Tree with Thousands of Monarch Butterfly's on it, along with looking for fools gold in the gravel of the railroad tracks on those walks, Also Bowling at Saint Mary's Bowling Lanes, Stock Car Races at Leo's Speedway, Baseball with him being a Member of Club 13, Golfing in Father Daughter Tournaments, Fire works on the Forth of July, Disneyland, Riding with the Snowmobile Club, and when I was older the Trip of a life time to San Andres Island, Colombia, South America. These memories will be with me forever.

A piece of my heart is now missing because my Dad is no longer here to give me kisses, hugs, and advice. I Love and Miss him Immensely and that will never stop. I do have some comfort, believing in God and my Heart, that we will be joined together again someday. I Hope some how somewhere he can see how much I miss him and know I always will. Thank you Dad I could not have had a better Father.

I'd like to Thank Everyone from the bottom of our Hearts, for their love and support is what's helping us get through this difficult time.

It is Greatly appreciated.

Also I'd like to give special thanks to my Husband Dan and my Mother Jeanne. I could not have made it through this without them.

Daddy I will miss you more than anyone could ever imagine.

Love Always your Daughter Robin

Published in Oshkosh Northwestern on Oct. 20, 2013