Glen Ira Skidmore

Glen Ira Skidmore

"Skidmore the Barber"

Glen Skidmore was born in Tacoma, WA, on December 18, 1929. He passed away March 23, 2009. Glen was the second child born to Francis Clark and Rueben Skidmore. He grew with up his older sister, Margie, and two younger brothers, Bert and Ray. As a young man, Glen attended Stadium High School in Tacoma. At 17 years old, he made the choice to serve his country, joining the US Navy. During his service in the Navy, he explored the world aboard the USS Sumner, a naval destroyer. In January of 1952, he was honorably discharged from the Navy, and moved to Humboldt County to begin the rest of his life. He promptly found work with the PG&E Company, extending power lines and poles to the more rural portions of Humboldt County.

On a cold January Night in 1953, Glen met the woman whom he would eventually love for the rest of his life. Elaine Joyce Carlson and he shared their first dance listening to a slow piano song at the Paradise Bar in Eureka. Shortly thereafter, Glen and Elaine exchanged vows and began a family. Along with his new bride, Glen selflessly took upon her five children to raise them as his own. Ivory, Harry, Joyce, William, and Valerie were blessed to have Glen as a father, as he raised them as his own.

On March 30th, 1954, Glen was blessed with a child of his own. Glenda was born to Glen and Elaine, the only child that Glen would ever father. After working various jobs and positions to support his family, Glen chose to attend Barber College in 1955. He left his home for six months while attending college in San Francisco. Upon his return, he began work at the Don Williams Barber Shop near the Plaza in Arcata. After a short internship, Glen ventured out on his own, founding Skidmore’s Barber Shop on south "G" Street in Arcata.

Glen went on to cut hair out of his barber shop for over 5 decades, all the while making new friends and customers daily. Anyone who ever had their hair cut by "Skidmore the Barber" knew that the experience was more than just a hair cut. It was a place where men, young and old, could come together and share friendships and laughs, and talk "huntin & fishin".

For Glen, friends were everything to him. He loved to spend time meeting new people, becoming a member of the Odd Fellows Lodge, Elk’s Lodge, Moose Lodge, and most recently, a member of the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life Team.

Throughout his life, Glen shared a wide array of hobbies. Among his many loves was gardening. Every year, his garden flourished with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and beautiful flowers. Glen spent countless hours in his back yard, yielding some of the largest and most succulent fruits and veggies anywhere on the north coast. He was possibly most proud of his garlic, which grew more flavorful and bountiful each year.

When he wasn’t working or in his garden, Glen spent his time in the outdoors ,and on our local rivers and streams. As a young man he traveled to Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Canada, and Alaska in search of moose, caribou, elk, and deer. He loved to fish, catching everything thing from Pacific Salmon in the ocean to Blue Gill at Fish Lake. He shared his love and expertise with all his family, imparted his knowledge to all of us. Many meals were provided to family and friends thanks to his love of "huntin & fishin".

And for several months out of the year, Glen packed up his truck and left for hunting camp. Along with his best friends; Frank Klopp, Dino Giannini, Palmer Jensen, Dave Smith and Wiley Smith, he tracked through the North Coast, searching for deer, turkeys, squirrels, and whatever else could run and be shot at. Spending all year long practicing his turkey calls, and reading up on how to down a trophy buck, Glen cherished the day he could leave town to go on the hunt.

Glen Skidmore has been described as "Loving Life". His was kind of heart, strong of will, and was always looking forward to his next opportunity to have fun. He is survived by his wife, Elaine Skidmore, his brother and sisters, his 6 children, and 15 grandchildren.

As the family of "Skidmore the Barber", we invite you to attend Glen’s Memorial Service, being held on Friday, April 3rd at 2:30 pm at the Unity Church, 1619 California St. in Eureka.

We love you Grandpa.

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Published in Eureka Times-Standard on Mar. 28, 2009