who passed away one year ago today, May 1, 2012.

A year has passed since we've seen your face
Guess God needed you for His Place
Even though we got to say good-bye
We're still asking "Why God, why".

Why take Daddy Barry, we needed him so
He was needed and too young to go
There was so much we needed to have him for
And now we miss him forever more.

Races, fishing, hunting, and football he did love
He's now watching and doing there, up above
Your pain and tears are a thing of the past
But our love for you will forever last.

We still have this empty feeling in our heart
We'll always be together, even though we are apart
While you're in Heaven, take care of everyone
We will eventually all be together, together as one.

We will always be your children, no matter what people say
You were there for us, every single day.

For now, we must live our lives without you
We know you're watching over us in everything we do
So take care of everyone in Heaven above
We're sending our hugs and our kisses and we're sending our love.

We love you & miss you Daddy Barry Your children,
Tammy, Deb, Lester and Grandson Erik

Published in Times News on May 1, 2013