Patrick T. MATHEWS

May 25th, 1923 – November 8th, 2012

To My Dad

You were the first man I loved as a little girl and the measure of all others to come. Strong and tall in your air force uniform, you protected me and kept me safe. A pilot, a carpenter, a mechanic, a gardener, a fisherman….you could fix anything, do anything! You cared for me and made me toys, a doll house, a dolly cradle, special water skiis for tiny feet, a chalkboard that I would draw princesses and castles on and write I love you Daddy! You held me when I was sick and taught me things all little girls should know, how to fish, dig in the dirt, hammer a nail and whistle, but most importantly have manners and act like a lady. You made me wonder at the beauty of nature, at what might be beyond the stars! As I grew you were always there when I needed you …cars breaking down, leaks, repairs, and I learned to cook experimenting my recipes on you. You took me flying and gave me wings when I needed to leave you. You held my babies 'Our girls' you called them and helped me through troubled times.
Then you were no longer so tall and strong… and I cared for you through your troubled times. I tried to protect you and keep you safe. I cooked for you, made repairs and brought you flowers to cheer you up. I held you when you were sick and when you were ready …I watched god give you wings to go to your beloved Joyce knowing this is where you want to be.
Thank you for the gift of time spent with you.
Thank you for all the fond memories, your words of wisdom, moments of tears and laughter.
Thank you for being my Dad! Give Mom a kiss from me.
All my love, I miss you too!
Love also to Papa from Lara, Rielle, Sasha, Celia, Elsie, Marie and Bella
I wish to thank Laura and all the Nurses, all the Care Aides, and all the staff at KinVillage for the gift of helping us with all their kind care, they are true angels on earth!