Karyll Baker

Karyll Baker Creative. Intelligent. Wonderful. One of a kind. These are only a few of the words that describe Mom. Born Karyll Audrey DuBois on June 14, 1923, Mom's new Heavenly mansion was finally ready for her on Sunday, December 30, 2012. The three of us sons had the privilege of being at her side in her Morro Bay home when she made the transition. To say that Mom lived a full, productive, and wonderful life would be an understatement. Besides being the best mother a kid could ever hope to have, she put her stamp on the world and left it a much better place. Her eye for design and color was readily apparent the moment one walked into a place that she had a hand in either building or renovating. Along with Dad (Ned Baker), the two of them were an unstoppable team and created some remarkable legacies in this regard. The houses they lived in over the course of their 67 year marriage were amazing in their own right and were built or remodeled and redecorated with an individual flair that would only come from a mind like Mom's. The two of them had a large influence in the creation of St. Clement's Church in Woodlake. Much of what they did there remains to this day. And oh, yes, that Heavenly Mansion? No double by now, she has had Dad busy knocking out walls and has it all redecorated and painted in her favorite colors of pink, yellow and peach. Mom's creativity included much more as well. Her flair for cooking rivaled her flair for decorating, and she had definite ideas of how food should be prepared and served. When dining out, it was a good bet that she would find the soup not hot enough to suit her and would send it back. In her last days at the convalescent hospital, she had them trained to automatically take her soup back and microwave it to nearly boiling before serving it to her. Mom was also an avid Bridge player and belonged to several Bridge clubs near her home in Morro Bay and previously those in Woodlake. Not only did she play to win, but when it was her turn to host the food and decorations, the group was treated to her unequalled level of creativity. Another title that can be bestowed on her is that of author. She has completed two novels and was midway through a third. One is about Mom's maternal grandmother who emigrated from England in the 1800's and became a doctor in San Francisco. While both novels were based in part on fact, she took ample creative license to complete her writing. Nevertheless, the stories Mom came up with are fascinating just the same and make excellent reading. Just as Mom requested, the services will be private. Donations in her name can be made to St. Clement's Anglican Church, PO Box 505, Woodlake, California 93286. Mom was preceded in death by our dad, Ned, her sister, Jeanne, and her parents, Bert and Anita DuBois. Mom is survived and loved by us three sons, Jeff, Terry, and Craig, and their wives, as well as, three grandchildren, Kyle, Jennifer, and Ryan, and her brother, George (Bill) DuBois, and many nieces and nephews. We miss her and to quote from the last line of her book, Anne, "Long live her dear memory."

Published in Visalia Times-Delta and Tulare Adv-Register on Jan. 3, 2013