Albert Stroop

XENIA Albert (Al) Stroop, formerly of 2165 Hilltop Road, Xenia, Ohio, born June 7, 1925, died on March 1, 2013, at the age of 87 from cancer. He and his wife, Frances, a private piano teacher for more than 55 years, reared four children: David, Catherine Rall, Barry and Callander (Cal). All survive. Stroop's tenth year as a preacher was completed at the Xenia Church of Christ when located on S. Detroit Street. He later served as an elder of the Belmont Church of Christ in Dayton. He taught public school four years in Kentucky, four years in Spring Valley Schools and completed thirty-one years in the Xenia Community Schools. In the last two schools he drove and substituted as a bus driver for twenty-six years. He completed some five years of carpentry jobs ranging from a new house construction to additions, remodels, repairs and roofing of existing homes. Seven summers he drove an ice cream truck in Xenia. And he enjoyed traveling in the western national parks. He was a generous supporter of world missions in Haiti, India, and Colombia. Throughout his life he led by Christian example and placed people ahead of himself in all that he did.