Karamo Trerra

Karamo  Trerra
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From Differences, Unity

Sharon Schultz describes her husband, Karamo Trerra, 40, a computer technician for ASAP NetSource, with a litany of carefully chosen adjectives: Principled. Disciplined. Quiet. Strong inside, gentle outside. Kind. Honest. Righteous. Religious. Solid. Spiritual. Reliable. Upstanding. Happy. Truthful. Hopeful. Easy-going. Gentle.

Here are things she said he did: Kept secrets carefully. Knew who he was. Believed in God. Gave. And gave. Studied hard. Thought. Took life seriously. Laughed a lot. Laughed at her a lot. Wanted to see people do well. Helped pick up a bleeding, falling- down-drunk man off the street. Told the truth. Thought positively. Studied people.

Here are things she said he would never do: Gossip. Waver. Back-stab. Sugarcoat. Tell a white lie. Fear people. Take anything too seriously. Get mad at anyone but her, (and only if she really, really kept at it.) Hold a grudge.

Here is how they were different: He was tall, she is short. He was thin, she says she is not. He was Muslim, she is Jewish. He grew up in Gambia, she grew up on Long Island. He laughed when watching "The O'Reilly Factor" and "Hardball." She favors "Three's Company."

They would have been married four years last September 12.

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on February 17, 2002.

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