Lawrence Davidson

World Trade Center

His New Best Friend

Lawrence Davidson decided to go live in Israel shortly after he graduated from Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn, and ended up staying there for 12 years. He lived in a kibbutz, fell in love, married, had two children and joined the army, where he became a tank commander.

He traded in his uniform for a suit after returning to New York in 1980 and joining the financial services industry. Mr. Davidson, 51, had been working as a broker for Aon for only three weeks when the World Trade Center was attacked.

Around the time of his return to the United States, Mr. Davidson's marriage ended, and his children moved to Toronto with their mother. But his son Marc said something wonderful happened five years ago: Marc graduated from college and moved to New York, where he made a new best friend - his father. They moved in together, cooked dinners and even met for lunch. They got to know each other again, this time as adults. "I feel really blessed," Marc said from Whistler, British Columbia, where he now lives. "I really got to know my father again and be a part of his life."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on October 5, 2001.

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