Marsha Dianah Ratchford

Marsha  Dianah  Ratchford

For her nearly 15 years in the Navy, Marsha Ratchford traveled wherever her orders sent her. There was Hawaii and Guam and Japan and Seattle and California. Washington D.C.--the Pentagon--was to be her family's last stop.

"She was retiring after this," said her husband, Rodney Ratchford, Friday night.

Asked to describe his wife, Rodney Ratchford didn't even pause: "The main thing about her," he said, "is that she was just the most loving mother."

The Ratchfords, who have been married 13 years, have three children: a son who is 11, a daughter who is 8, and another daughter who is barely 18 months.

Profile courtesy of THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE.

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