Mark A. Brisman

Mark A. Brisman
World Trade Center

Give a Little, Get a Little

Could they have had less in common?

She was an actress with traveling in her toes, an adventurous career in her dreams. He was stiff, proper Dudley Do-right. By age 5, he had mapped out his life: lawyer, wife in the suburbs, raising their kids. When Juliette Steuer met Mark Brisman, he was 19 going on 40.

The relationship worked, because sometimes opposites prod each other in the best ways. He gave her stability; she loosened him up. He managed to jump in a few fountains at college, and she married him, moved to Westchester and stayed home with their two young children.

Meanwhile, back at the office — Harris Beach, a law firm with a branch on the 85th floor of 2 World Trade Center — Mr. Brisman, 34, worked exhaustively, for his family's sake. If he was seen as old-fashioned in his treatment of women (as delicate flowers who need protection), he was also regarded as a can-do, meticulous guy, supersmart and assured. He was awarded his long- sought partnership posthumously.

He knew himself. "I'm not a babe magnet," he said. "I'm a baby magnet." Formal with adults, he whooped freely with small people, especially his own. A snapshot from Labor Day weekend: Mr. Brisman playing happily with children, his tall frame folded into a kiddie airplane at Adventureland.

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on December 9, 2001.

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