Edward A. Brennan III

Edward A. Brennan III
World Trade Center

Sports-Loving Fiancé

Edward A. Brennan III was wild about sports, so he would read the sports pages before starting the day at Cantor Fitzgerald, where he was a vice president and a bonds broker.

"One day, he walked away from his desk and left his newspaper," said his mother, Gail Brennan. "The guy next to him removed the sports section and added the living section from another newspaper to watch his reaction. My son came back and went bananas. He said, `That so-and-so put two living sections in my paper!' Everyone around him collapsed laughing because they knew that it was the first thing that he did in the morning."

Mr. Brennan, 37, whom everyone called Teddy, was known for his sharp mind and uncanny sense of humor. "He had an amazing mind for math," his mother said. He was an avid golfer, playing at a club on the Jersey Shore, not far from his native Sea Girt, where he had hoped to retire. The strapping blond man had an eclectic style of dress on the golf course: black golf socks and a golf shirt two sizes too small, buttoned up to the neck. Mrs. Brennan said that he probably wore the shirts to show off his biceps, which he worked hard to develop.

Mr. Brennan was the oldest and only male of four siblings, including twins. He was engaged to be married to Meghan Daly, whom he had met about two years before Sept. 11.

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on May 19, 2002.

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