Gerald P. "Geep" Fisher

Gerald  P.  Geep Fisher

An Eternal Optimist

As one of Booz, Allen & Hamilton's most respected consultants, Gerald P. Fisher never saw the need to dress for success.

"He was a character," said Joyce Doria, a senior vice president who supervised Mr. Fisher at the firm's Mclean, Va., office. "Geep," as friends and co-workers called him, "would sometimes come in with his tie in disarray, or a shirt that just didn't match," Ms. Doria said. "But he stood his ground. He would say, `This is me, this is who I am.' He wanted people to know him for his ideas. He had a very winning way."

A resident of Potomac, Md., Gerald Paul Fisher, 57, grew up in Los Angeles and graduated from San Francisco College. Bearded and burly, he was a jolly character, with a guttural laugh that turned heads when it rang. "He was a very open kind of guy," Ms. Doria said, "an eternal optimist."

At Booz, Allen for 17 years, Mr. Fisher had worked as a manpower specialist, and on Sept. 11 was meeting with Lt. Gen. Timothy J. Maude at the Pentagon..

Mr. Fisher found time to pursue his passion for social work — he held a doctorate in social welfare from the University of Pennsylvania. "People would go to him for counseling," Ms. Doria said. "I guess he never lost the social welfare part of him."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on October 12, 2001.

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