Vanessa Langer

Vanessa Langer
World Trade Center

Setting the Agenda

Tim Langer was hesitant about the baby his wife, Vanessa, wanted so badly. He gave her a golden retriever and a cat. But Vanessa, who adored her two younger brothers, James and Jackson, knew she was right. Shortly after their first anniversary, she was pregnant. By then, Tim was pleased, too. "As time went on I was so in love," he said. "It felt like we should have a family."

Vanessa Langer, 29, an office manager at a trade center company, usually set the agenda. She was "fast and furious," said Mr. Langer. She did not walk — she darted. She competed fiercely at computer games and the family football pool and screamed when the Yankees or Giants scored. "Oh goodness," Mr. Langer said, and laughed. Before Vanessa, he used cruder expressions. She got him to stop that. Four months pregnant, she was having "the easiest time of her life," he said.

"She gave me a book," he said. " 'How to Pamper Your Pregnant Wife.' At night I had to go out and get Fig Newtons and Stella D'oros for her."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on October 1, 2001.

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