Stephen Gerard Siller

Stephen   Gerard Siller
World Trade Center

A Verse for the Fallen

Steve Siller was an orphan at age 10 ‹ his mother died of cancer, his father from a blood clot ‹ and he spent his childhood in the care of his sisters and brothers.

"He accepted what was handed to him," said his wife, Sally. "He lived life to its fullest. People meant everything to him."

A typical day for Mr. Siller, 34, went something like this: work a 24-hour shift and then golf with his brothers; go home and have lunch with his wife; take the children to the park; help the neighbor with a flat and then go to bed.

He was a fireman with the Squad 1 company in Park Slope, Brooklyn, who died helping people. He was last seen running through the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel on Sept. 11 with his bunker gear under his arm.

His brother George wrote a poem for his memorial. It reads, in part:

What to say to his five children and wife?

How do I try to explain what's ahead in their life?

I'll tell them their father was a saint and a hero,

Who fought courageously, the battle at ground zero.

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on October 30, 2001.

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