Dennis O'Berg

Dennis O'Berg
World Trade Center

Just Out of the Academy

Dennis O'Berg never meant to become a firefighter like his father, but after a few years of feeling shackled to his job as an accountant at a big firm, he entered the fire academy. He graduated only a few months ago, and was assigned to a fire house in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Though his salary was lower than in the old job, his new career was more exciting and the hours more reasonable. He was 28, recently married and wanted to start a family on Long Island. "He was so much more cheerful when he came home," said his wife, Christine. "Now he is a hero, but he was a good man back then."

She has put off a memorial service, hoping that his remains will be found.

Mr. O'Berg's father, Lt. Dennis O'Berg, was also at the disaster site. After the towers fell, he searched for his son, but located only his fire truck, smothered in debris. He decided to retire on that day, after 31 years on the force.

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on November 1, 2001.

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