Cesar Augusto Murillo

Cesar Augusto Murillo
World Trade Center

A Dance All His Own

Cesar A. Murillo, 32, lived in TriBeCa and used the West Side Highway as his backyard. Along this road, Mr. Murillo used Rollerblades to get to work at Cantor Fitzgerald. He was proud of his Colombian heritage, flying a Colombian flag on his scooter during World Cup matches. He played volleyball on Pier 25 and kayaked near the same dock with his new bride, Alyson Becker.

And he danced. He was nicknamed "Lawn Mower" for the particular way he moved. "It wasn't any style. It was his own style," Ms. Becker said. "It was a mixture of hip- hop and Latin moves. He loved dancing. He danced when he was asleep. Literally, his feet would be moving when he slept. His mom said he danced in his crib."

Once, when the couple was visiting Fire Island with a group of friends, Mr. Murillo sneaked back to the dance club after Ms. Becker fell asleep in the hotel. Soon, their friends discovered a crowd laughing and staring. At the center of it was Mr. Murillo, dancing as only the "Lawn Mower" could. "It was so typical of him," Ms. Becker said.

Then there was the "Cesar Murillo factor" when it came to finding a parking spot in Manhattan. He drove his Toyota Land Cruiser everywhere, and "there was always a parking spot waiting for him," Ms. Becker said. "It was just unbelievable."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on November 10, 2001.

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