Nichola A. Thorpe

Nichola A. Thorpe
World Trade Center

Loving Sister

"She was very loving," Syreeta Thorpe said of her younger sister, Nichola, 22, an accountant at Keefe, Bruyette & Woods. They lived together with another sister, Vermylin, who recently died of cancer.

"All three of us did things together, when we had time," Syreeta Thorpe said. "We'd go to Manhattan, watch a movie, you know. We were close, very close." She added that they had not had much time, after moving in together, before Nichola Thorpe was killed in the World Trade Center.

"She would take my nieces and nephews when a movie came out, and encourage my nephew," Ms. Thorpe said. "She'd say, O.K., if he passes his exam, she would get this for him. She was interested in his work."

"She was quiet, always in her schoolwork," Ms. Thorpe said of her sister, who was attending college. "I think she had night classes. From work she just goes to the school, and on weekends she just had time to study. She listened to music. She loved Michael Jackson. Before she passed, she had ordered the Michael Jackson album because she loved Michael Jackson. She didn't even get to listen to it."

"She was a loving sister," Ms. Thorpe said. "She was a loving sister."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on March 8, 2003.

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