Arnold A. Lim

Arnold A. Lim
World Trade Center

Man on the Verge

Arnold Lim, an analyst with Fiduciary Trust Company International, had promised his mother that he would be married by the time he turned 30. He was close to making good on his pledge.

He was engaged to be married to his girlfriend of seven years, Michelle Leung, and her family gave an engagement party for the couple two weeks before the attack on the World Trade Center, where Mr. Lim worked. He was 28; the marriage was planned for September this year.

"He was so happy," said his mother, Amparo Lim. "He told me, `I'll buy a big house, and you will live there, too.' And I told him, `No, you will live your own life.' "

Mr. Lim, the youngest of her three sons, lived with her in the apartment in Stuyvesant Town where he was raised. She misses him terribly.

Jorge Lim, the eldest son, said that because he was almost 10 years older than Arnold, their relationship was often more like father and son. "I remember changing his diaper, cleaning up after him," Jorge said. "I would take him everywhere. I remember the first time that he went to kindergarten, everyone had fun because I was the one who used to go on a lot of school field trips with him. One of his classmates remembered recently that there was always an older person going to these trips with Arnold. They used to think I was a parent."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on May 5, 2002.

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