Pauline Tull-Francis

Pauline Tull-Francis
World Trade Center

Singer With Dance Moves

Pauline Tull-Francis lent her operatic soprano voice to her church and largely reserved her dance moves for family gatherings, where she would be on the dance floor the first chance she got, said her daughter, Debby Williams. A native of Barbados, Ms. Tull- Francis, 56, was partial to reggae, calypso and other rhythms of the Caribbean, but she could also groove to Ella Fitzgerald and Celine Dion.

Ms. Tull-Francis, who lived in Brooklyn with her husband and had four grown children and five grandchildren, was also a nurturer with a big, radiant smile. "She was always feeding someone," Ms. Williams said. "She just had to cook."

A food-service employee at Cantor Fitzgerald, she also helped feed traders on the 104th floor of 1 World Trade Center, where she started her workday at 6 a.m. Among the condolences that poured in after her body was recovered a week after the attacks, one in particular touched her family deeply. It came from a woman who had never met her but whose husband, a broker who was also killed, had often told her how wonderful Ms. Tull-Francis was. "That was confirmation of the kind of person my mom was," Ms. Williams said. "She had a big heart. She hated to see people hungry."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on November 8, 2001.

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