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Find People Who Understand: Connect With Others Grieving a Suicide Loss

by Danielle Zimmerman

To those grieving the loss of a loved one from suicide, we invite you to visit our “Suicide Loss” grief support group.

Anyone who has lost someone to suicide knows how many questions their loved one leaves behind. For those left searching for answers, finding people who understand their pain can feel like an impossible task.

We’re here to help.


Legacy today announces our new Suicide Loss grief support group—one of several closed Facebook groups we host that offer a safe space to share your grief with others who’ve experienced the same kind of loss. People like these suicide loss survivors, who can understand the unique challenges of your grief like no one else:  

“Sometimes, believe it or not, the hardest thing any of us as suicide survivors will ever do is find our way not only back on our feet but back to being able to enjoy our lives in ‘their’ absence.”

“You are on a very long journey one that you didn’t want to be on but alas you are. The most important thing is find someone you can talk to.”

Post a photo. Start a discussion. Share a resource that helped. Everything you post here is confidential and will only be seen on Facebook by this group’s members, unless you decide to share it separately with your own Facebook friends. Legacy staff are available to help ensure conversations remain respectful and supportive, such as these from current Legacy.com support group members:

“You are right and brave to reach out. Keep doing it. The few really special people you may meet will make the difference and help start you on a path to healing in time.”

“Don’t suppress any of your feelings or your thoughts. Use this site to rant when you want to even: if you get no replies, get the feelings out there, it will help.”

All of our grief support groups are available here, and more groups will be launched in the coming weeks, such as Loss of a Spouse. Follow us at https://www.facebook.com/Legacycom/groups to find out when, or explore connect.legacy.com if you’re in need of immediate support.

We hope you’ll consider joining us.

Because pain can be shared.

My heart goes out to you, and, though it’s not much, you’ll find the hearts of many people here who’ve been hit hard by the suicides of loved ones are with you, too.”  

Because when someone rests their head on your shoulder, your whole body lifts to support them.

I read your story and I think you are very good at expressing your feelings and your pain. I’m sure it certainly doesn’t feel that way, but believe it, it is. It is the kind of gift that, in effect, saves people like you and me, and so many others on this site.”

Because you’re already a different person, and you don’t have to cross this road alone.

“You and everyone else that has talked to me since I joined yesterday has helped me… I was actually able to sleep a little better last night than I have in the last couple of months… Thank you and I am very glad I found this group.”

Every loss is unique, and yet grief is universal. Whether your loss was today or 20-plus years ago, we believe in the power of community to help. If you’ve lost someone to suicide, we’re here for you. Come visit us: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LegacySuicideLoss/

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