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How to Pay for a Funeral

by Jessica Campbell

A funeral is one of life’s major events. Learn more about funeral expenses and get tips on how to save money.

The average funeral in the United States costs between $8,000 and $9,000. That’s about one-fifth the average cost of a wedding, and it can be one of the highest expenses a family will face. 

For many families, eight thousand dollars is more than they’re likely to have on hand at any given time. That’s why thoughtful advance pre-planning is important to ensure funeral expenses can be covered smoothly, without adding extra financial burden at a time when the family is grieving. 


Whatever your family’s budget, here are three quick starting points to give your loved one an affordable and meaningful send-off. 

1. Plan ahead and learn about payment options.

As with many types of purchases, a little advance research and planning can lead to cost savings. There are a number of different financial models available for funeral pre-planning. (Find planning help here.)

2. Be a smart shopper and choose less expensive services.

Compare funeral home costs and services. Some funeral options like cremation, green burial, and body donation can benefit the greater good and save you money.

3. Find out about funeral benefits.

There are many benefits that can offset costs, from Social Security to employer benefits to crowdsourced fundraisers.


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