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Suicide | Resources for Grief and Prevention

by Legacy Staff

Around the world each year, more than 1 million people die by suicide and many millions more attempt to kill themselves. Learn what individuals and organizations around the world are doing to prevent suicide and what you can do to help. Get advice to help you cope with the suicide death of someone you love. Find information on mental health and wellness, and learn why it’s important to get help for depression and other mental illnesses.

Have you lost a loved one to suicide? Find comfort in our grief support group.

Find People Who Understand

Connect with others grieving a loved who died by suicide in our private Facebook group for survivors of suicide loss. Post a photo. Start a discussion. Share a resource that helped. Everything you post here is confidential and will only be seen on Facebook by this group’s members.

My Un-Suicide Note

“Listen, I know that this is a big ask. Suicide and mental illness are scary and really hard to talk about. Even more so, it’s confusing and frustrating to deal with someone in that state. So please understand: I’m not saying that it’s your responsibility to ‘save’ me.” An open letter from a friend who doesn’t want to die by suicide, and needs your help.

My Brother’s Suicide Was a Wake-up Call That I Almost Didn’t Answer

“I’d like to say John’s suicide was a wake-up call for me, and that I went right in to get help for my own depression. But I didn’t. I just tried to handle it myself like I had always done.”

When Your Sibling Dies by Suicide

Sibling survivors are often called the forgotten mourners. Through the life span, losing our sibling to suicide sets up complicated grief. As suicide grief is already difficult, adding in the factors relating to sibling loss reminds us of the uniqueness of the sibling bond.

SAVE Discusses How to Grieve a Suicide Loss

Many times, grievers are told that “time will heal all wounds.” Suicide Awareness Voices of Education wants the world, especially those grieving a suicide loss, to know that’s just not true. We spoke with Dan Reidenberg, Executive Director of SAVE, about what the grief after a suicide loss looks and feels like.

Coping with a Sudden Death

In both sudden death and anticipated death, there is pain. However, while the grief is not greater in sudden death, the capacity to cope is diminished.  What to do when the shock of an unexpected death is overwhelming.

What Adults Can Learn from Teen Grievers

We adults have a lot to offer teens by way of experience. We expect them to learn from us. And yet, there are times when adults can learn from them. Teens grieve for their peers differently than adults do, and some of their practices may be healthier.

Speaking of Suicide: Honest Obituaries

For many years, suicide was a word that rarely, if ever, made it into an obituary. Wording might give an understated clue here or there, but those phrases could just as easily indicate some other cause of death that didn’t carry the stigma of suicide. A rising number of mourners are publicly sharing the truth about their loved ones’ suicides.

Read This to Your Children

When 22-year-old Spencer Seupel took his own life, his mother did an extraordinary thing. In the face of unimaginable grief, she sat down and wrote an obituary for her son—one of the most beautiful obituaries we at Legacy have ever seen.

Deadly Depression

The family of Brian Arredondo, who killed himself at age 24, opened up to Boston Globe reporter Bryan Marquard about their son’s death in the hopes of preventing others from dying by suicide.

Addiction, Suicide, and Obituaries

Obituaries have long employed a secret code, a shorthand to mask causes of death that survivors found embarrassing. In recent years, some families have broken with tradition and been brutally honest about their loved ones’ struggles.

An Artist’s Struggle, A Father’s Grief

After Mitchell’s death on June 24, 2012, his father wrote a story for the Chicago Tribune, one that’s deeply moving – and, for those who have loved ones living with mental illness, perhaps all too familiar. A grieving father shares his son’s struggle with schizophrenia to raise awareness about mental illness.

Bread Tie Challenge Raises Suicide Awareness

Two college seniors helped start a tradition in honor of their friend who died by suicide in 2011.

5 Ways Answering a Suicide Hotline Can Change Your Life

Frank Warren of PostSecret shares thoughts on how answering a suicide hotline shaped him as a person. Warren shared thoughts about how his work has changed him – and why more people should consider volunteering with mental health support services.

Suicide Resources

Suicide is a leading cause of death globally, with over 1 million people dying each year. Most people who attempt suicide want to live, but are overcome with emotional pain and cannot see any other way to cope. But suicide is preventable. Find out how you can help.

Suicide in Australia

Suicide is preventable, and individuals and organisations across Australia are working to raise awareness and ensure that people at risk of suicide get the help they need.

Suicide in Canada

Find out how to be helpful if someone is suicidal, what to say and who to call. If someone you know has died by suicide, find information and resources to help you cope. If you are thinking about suicide, get help immediately.

Suicide in New Zealand

Suicide rates are on the rise in New Zealand. With more than 500 Kiwis dying by suicide each year and many more attempting suicide, the statistics are grim. But suicide is preventable.

Famous Faces of Suicide

Suicide can touch the lives of anyone, anywhere. We remember notable people who ended their own lives, honor their accomplishments, and acknowledge that success does not exclude despair.

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