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When Your Child Dies, Your World Turns Upside Down

by Legacy Staff

There are no words that can express what it feels like to lose a child.

Q: My two month old son died three months ago. Sometimes I hurt so bad that I even feel myself getting mad at God because I don’t understand how HE could do this. My son was happy, smiling all the time, and healthy. I feel lost all the time now. Will I always feel this way?

Obviously there are no words that can express what you’re going through, and we have yet to hear anyone explain something like this so that you could ever understand “why.”


We do know that the sense of feeling lost is very common when a tragedy like this strikes. We’d guess it feels like your world is literally upside down and nothing makes sense.

In order to begin to feel less angry and less lost, you need to take some actions to help you feel more emotionally complete with your son; not only with his death, but with the broken hopes, dreams, and expectations you had about his future and your life together.

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Go to the library or bookstore and get a copy of “The Grief Recovery Handbook.” Read it and take the actions it outlines. As you do, you’ll start to feel a shift, and with it a reduction in the anger and the constant feeling of being lost. You will never forget your son and you will feel sad from time to time, but you will be able to restart your life, even though he’s not here.

From our hearts to yours,

Russell Friedman and John W. James

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