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You Are Not Alone: Connect With Others Grieving the Loss of a Child

by Danielle Zimmerman

Those who’ve lost a child know a grief that’s unlike anything else in human experience. Grieving parents face the painful reality that only other parents who’ve suffered such a terrible loss can relate to the depth of what they’re going through.

We know how alone you may feel, and we’re here to help you connect with other parents who are also in that place.

Legacy.com now hosts the Loss of a Child grief support group — one of several closed Facebook groups offering a safe space to share your grief with others who’ve experienced the same kind of loss. Post a photo. Start a discussion. Share a resource that helped. All postings are confidential and private, unless you choose to share them separately with your Facebook friends. Legacy.com staff are available to help ensure conversations remain respectful and supportive, like these from current group members:


“If a woman loses her husband, she is considered a widow. If a child loses both parents, they become orphans. What do we call a parent who has lost a child? Shattered.”

“I hate that I don’t feel comfortable posting on my page about missing my son. I don’t wanna post too much but it’s still so fresh.”

You can find our Pregnancy and Infant Loss group here. Our Loss of a Parent group is available here — or find all 11 of our support groups here.

We hope you’ll consider joining us. Because pain can be shared. Because when someone rests their head on your shoulder, your whole body lifts to support them. Because you’re already a different person, and you don’t have to cross this road alone.

“It’s ok if you want to post everyday, we’ll always listen and understand. I felt the same since my son passed… I started feeling self conscience thinking that people must be so sick of hearing and seeing every post I make about my son and then I found this. So post away, there will always be someone to talk to.”

“Thank you all for being here and willing to share. It makes such a difference.”

Every loss is unique, and yet grief is universal. Whether your loss was today or 20-plus years ago, we believe in the power of community to help. If you’ve lost a child, we’re here for you. Come visit us: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LegacyLossOfAChild/

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