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Hippensteel Funeral Home, Inc.

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Back in the 1870's and 80's the original home was owned by a popular jeweler named Thomas Hull. Mr. Hull died on February 24, 1928. The Hull House sat vacant for seven years. On December 21, 1935, Irvin Ade, a contractor and Charles Hippensteel purchased the house. The following article appeared in the Journal and Courier on February 10, 1936:

A new undertaking firm and funeral home opened for business Monday in the spacious residence of the old Hull estate, Ninth and Salem Streets, which has been completely remodeled and redecorated to convert it into a modern establishment. Member of the firm, to be known as Hippensteel & Funkhouser, are Charles Hippensteel, of this city, and Robert Funkhouser, of Stockwell. Modern equipment has been installed, an ambulance purchased and a woman attendant provided. Mr. Hippensteel was connected with S.P. Templeton for twelve years in the former's funeral home, retiring last September 1. Both he and Mr. Funkhouser are graduates of the Indiana college of embalming, Indianapolis, and the latter, a young man, also attended Depauw. Funkhouser, upon leaving the embalming school, formed a partnership with W. T. Blasengym and opened a funeral home at Clarks Hill. He has given up this venture for the local one. On December 1, 1936 Charles and Elsie Hippensteel bought out Irvin Ade's interest in the property. In November, 1940, the name of the business was changed to Hippensteel Funeral Home, Inc. The Pridemore family became involved with the funeral home when the son of Edith & Glen Pridemore, a young man with a desire for funeral service, Menlo Pridemore after finishing mortuary school started in 1939. Over a period of time, he became president and worked with Jack Landis, Norman Loy and Glendal Stork. In 1964, Jack Landis & Norman Loy seperated from Hippensteel Funeral Home and formed their own company. Menlo Pridemore contiued a rich tradition of caring and compassion for serving families for many decades. His son, Richard Pridemore also became a Funeral Director and has since retired. The Pridemore Family still owns and operates this funeral home, with the promise of exceptional service for many generations to come.

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