Raffeo - DiCecco Memorial Home
Raffeo - DiCecco Memorial Home

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John was dedicated to serving families in the community over many years.
In May 1988 at the age of 72, John decided to slow down a little and take on a partner.
The Funeral Home was renamed Raffeo-DiCecco Memorial Home and John Raffeo was joined by Stephen DiCecco. Together, it was their ultimate goal to treat each family with care and respect and providing quality, individual service.
As the families served over the years began moving further from the borough, the Memorial Home made the decision to relocate to a more convenient location.
In 2002, Raffeo-DiCecco created their new home in East Norristown. This location, on 19 E. Germantown Pike, provides easy access from all directions and the large parking area is very accommodating.
With great sadness, John A Raffeo passed away on July 31, 2007, at the age of 90.
Stephen DiCecco, continues the long tradition of serving each family with the care they certainly deserve.

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Cemetery Yes
Handicap Accessible Yes
Cremation Yes
Pre-Need Program Available Yes
At-Need Financing Available Yes
Multi-Media Available Yes
Reception Space Available Yes
Transportation Available Yes
Veteran Services Available Yes
Family Owned & Operated Yes

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