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John F. Givnish Funeral Home is known in the community for turning traditional funeral services into a Life Celebration. With memorable keepsakes and hobbies on display, the attendees will be immersed in the life of their lost loved one. The close-knit team focuses on creating an unforgettable end-of-life service so that the family and friends can honor the life of the departed by remembering all the good times. Every service is not only tasteful but also healing.

John F. Givnish Funeral Home offers traditional options, such as a funeral or cremation service. Direct cremation at their on-site crematory is available if you do not choose to hold an official ceremony. Many families keep the ashes in an urn or scatter them at a special place of the loved one, in an intimate setting. And you can always pair a memorial ceremony with a cremation, which can look a lot like a funeral, but without the body present. The affordable funeral and cremation services can be as traditional as desired, or they can be customized to fit the personality of the deceased. There are also veteran services and military honors offered.

For your convenience, many memorial products are available for sale on-site. This includes urns, caskets, memorials, or vaults. The team is dedicated to offering continued support, knowing that grief does not end the moment the funeral ends. Grief resources are available to guide you through the mourning process. The Life Celebration model is designed to offer an immersed experience where all of the memories can offer closure during the final goodbyes of the departed.

John F. Givnish Funeral Home has been serving Philadelphia, Abington, Newtown, Levittown, Northfield (NJ), Norristown, Southampton, Warminster, Langhorne, and Buckingham through the years. The unique life tributes given at their end-of-life services are extraordinary. The staff is available at all times and builds a relationship of trust with all of the families that they serve.

For pre-planning services or immediate needs, you can contact John F. Givnish Funeral Home. The Life Celebration home is located nearby at 10975 Academy Rd Philadelphia, PA 19154. For any questions or to set up an appointment, call (215) 281-0100.

To send flowers to John F. Givnish Funeral Home please visit our sympathy store.

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