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Aiden Tai Gossage

Sep 24, 2004 - Sep 4, 2021 (Age 16)

Long Beach, California

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Aiden, you we’re truly someone to remember. You have left such a great impact on the world we live in today. You were the kindest boy that I have ever met and you are so missed every day even by people you would least expect. That’s how much of an impact you’ve made Aiden. I’m so proud of you. I wish I could give you a hug and tell you that it will be okay, you are safe.

Aiden at the gym

2021 Thanksgiving


Dear Aiden. We will never know the mystery of death, why you were taken too soon; we only know the gift of life, your life, your energy that transcends, gives us purpose and direction.

Tonight, after everyone left, I sat by the fire, remembering how you loved bonfires. I cried uncontrollably, fully inhabiting the pain of your traumatic death. Vivid memories of you, from birth to 16 years, moved past me, warm and gentle, reminding me that grief and love...

Dearest Aiden,

It took me a long time to muster the courage and wherewithall to write this. Quite honestly I was procrastinating and avoiding to write this because I still cannot come to terms with your passing.

Your Auntie and I have been and continue to be in disbelief. Writing this brings me tears. In fact, your Auntie and I still have nightmares and find ourselves lost at times during the day from time to time.

I still remember you as a small...

Dear Aiden,

Even though I never have met you before, I really wish I have now. Seeing your videos and photos have really made me wish you were still around. You seem like a good guy who always made people happy. And you also seemed like you were full of life. It would’ve been an honor to be called your friend. As for Aiden’s family, I’m really sorry for your loss. Just rest assure, you will see Aiden again. And as for Luke, your brother will always love you, and he’ll still be...

Dear Aiden,

You changed our lives. Even for the people who didn’t know who you were. We all miss you so very badly, because now we can’t knock on your door, share a meal with you, or give you a big hug. Since you left us, something’s always missing. You. It feels like you moved far away without you telling us, and never came back. I can feel your presence surrounding us. Protecting us, watching us. I see you soaring high in the sky, falling into lunches, and exploding with...

My dearest Aiden,
You changed our lives the moment you entered it. Our lives have catastrophically changed- now that you are gone. You were the reason we smiled, the reason we laughed. You were that kid that never complained, always content and grateful for the things you had. You treated others with kindness and cared about those who you didn’t know. You changed a countless number of lives in the mere sixteen years that you were here with us. Aiden, you were born with the kind of...

My dearest Grandson Aiden,
Grandma loves you and misses you very much. Even though we didn’t see each other all the time, I still read the letters you wrote to me and keep your words close to my heart. You have always been special to me and I appreciate all those who loved you and were kind to you. It is clear that you were an angel to many people you met. It brings me comfort and peace as I believe you have already reached Nirvana. I love you Aiden and when the time comes, I will...

Aiden, not a single day goes by without me thinking about you. You were a really good friend and even though our friendship was not the longest in numbers, I can confirm that you were one of my greatest friends I have been presented with in this life time. I remember all of our funny conversations we had and our similarities that we shared. Thank you for being there for me :)


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