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I was very sad to hear of Jef's death, and my sympathy goes out to the entire family for their loss. Having worked at AQ from the early 70's into the 90's while taking classes at the same time, I think I took every film class Jef taught. His classes were my favorites, and Jef was a great teacher as I (along with so many others) never looked at a movie in the same way again. From Hitchcock to westerns and to pop culture films, I now watch movies with the many things he taught us to observe...

Monday, March 17, 2014
Jef and I first worked together in 1976 when we accepted the co-directorship of the Aquinas College overseas Study Program in Tully Cross, Ireland. The entire Jefchak family accompanied Jef, and it was during the great variety of experiences in that small, wonderful Irish village that I learned to love them all. Jef was an easy man to work with, as this program developed, and each family member added spice to our lives. Jef loved the challenges of this new...

Jef was on the hiring team when I was first hired by Aquinas. After that, he became my department chair, then I became his department chair, and on we went back and forth for 30 years. He was an easy man to love, who always wore his foibles and vulnerabilities up front and we loved him for that and for his unfailing enthusiasm for and engagement in whatever was pre-occupying him at the moment, whether it was baseball, movies or politics. Joseph Campbell said we can never underestimate the...

Lines for Andrew Jefchak

Jesus Remember me
when you come into
your kingdom.

I am thinking this morning
of the suddenness with which
we were presented with
the gift of sorrow.
In the shadow of this sadness
I understand that
what the heart loves
it loves in silence.
Speech is irreverent,
only the rhythm
and the pulse of the heart,
knows what to celebrate
and how to salute both
our coming and...

Dear Jefchak Family, I am so sorry for your loss. Although teaching, literature and films, were Andy's professional passion, baseball was his folly. We would have many conversations about the upcoming season, Aquinas College baseball, the White Sox and the Tigers. Andy was a regular on our baseball trips to see the Tigers. This past summer we went to Chicago to see the Sox & Tigers play. I sat with Andy as we went thru Northern Indiana and into Chicago and he told me about his...

Andy's grandchildren's memories of their grandfather were so lovingly expressed at today's memorial service. Along with his own poems to family members we heard and quotes from his last Valentine to Kay reflected his own deep love for his family. IT was a beautiful service and a fine tribute to a man who will be missed by so many. I had the pleasure of being his student as an under-graduate years ago and again in the last class he taught at OLLIE. I pray for his family who have...

My prayers and Love go out to Andy's family. Dr. Jefchak was a thinking man's professor who helped thousands of students truly learn how to learn. May God bless you during this tough time.

I am lucky to have a special volume of memories about Jef as we were young writers and close friends during our years at Indiana University. If he didn't show up at some dead class, I would go to our favorite theater in downtown Bloomington, knowing I would find him there. Before theaters were emptied between showings, we should watch movies through twice, such as GIANT and FROM HERE TO ETERNITY. I learned a lot about movies from Jef, of course, but we shared an endless college dialogue. ...

He was a guy who certainly had an effect on my formative years by helping give GR an introduction and insight to good films. I'll remember going to AQ in the 70s to see foreign and independent movies and how they changed my world view. I thank him for that.


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