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Mary Ellen Sprague

Mar 11, 1953 - Oct 25, 2012 (Age 59)

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Not sure what to say?

I am so very heartbroken to hear this shocking, surprising news (which I discovered by CHANCE, only now). Mary-Ellen was my friend and informative news source on dance in Ithaca and much of Upstate NY, for almost as long as I can remember. She was a strong woman devoted to her husband, and ever nurturing to her children. Mary-Ellen was wise, and yet; she always had that wry sense of humor, and a way of seeing the good in everything and everyone. And more, Mary-Ellen was an astute business...

Thank you, Michael, for sharing your beautiful message, in this hard season.Yet when I ask myself what Em would want, the answer is clear. Love more. Tell more truth. Be determined in your fulfillment. Hug yourselves, each other and your animals. Demand your rights. Continue on in the joy and creativity of your gift of life.
Close and loving thoughts and memories of my beautiful Zizzi nephews
and nieces go out to you, and to David, Michael and Samantha, in this new year.

My heart breaks for you Davy, this the day that you met your wife. Going through the holidays without her after over 30 years had to be so sad. Hoping that your son and daughter are around you to help you during this difficult time. Most people post their thoughts when you lose someone, but forget the hard times that come after. Thinking of you and your family.

Sandi Schlock Maki

Merry Christmas, Mary Ellen. I miss you!

Dear vast and wonderful "family" of Mary Ellen's -- and by that term, I mean to extend deepest appreciation to all who have signed this guest book ahead of me, her far-away brother in Colorado.

Indeed, the idea of "family" has many meanings, especially in these modern times, and, as her own brother, I am happy to share the designation with any and all who loved and cared for her.

However, lost in the obituary, I'm afraid, is a clear sense of her...

When I was a boy, you made me feel like I was an okay guy when I really did not feel like that. I'll never forgot you or how you made me feel. I know you've done that countless times for countless people. Love, Jan

Mary Ellen became my friend through our pilgrimages to Ithaca, mainly to go to BodyGear. She was very kind and encouraging to my daughter Natalie about dance, and told us many wonderful stories about Samantha. What a wonderfully gentle and giving spirit! I just found out that she has died. I am so very sad. I am sorry for her family and the friends she had, near and far.

Dear Mary Ellen, I pray for the freedom of your soul to soar beyond anything that constrained it in this world. May all of your relationships be complete; may all of the wonderful deeds you've done continue to inspire and bless us in this world, and may your essence continue on its soul journey unhindered. May the One who is all Being be made more complete and holy by your life~ amein.

My thoughts and prayers are with the family


Mary Ellen's Obituaries

Sprague, Mary EllenMarch 11, 1953 - October 25, 2012Mary Ellen Sprague, 59, passed away peacefully at her home in Ithaca on Thursday, October 25, 2012, surrounded by her loving family. She waged a determined battle against breast cancer for a number of years. At her death our lives were dimmed...

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